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International Meaning Conference (IMEC) 2017 Research Award


Researchers Lauren Sayers and Diego Vitali, at EASE Wellbeing, presented our most recent research at the IMEC conference this year in London and we are proud to announce that we have won 'the most innovative student research award'. It was said we had shown 'remarkable quality in the innovative character of the presented research'. Specifically, our presentation was around our exploration of how to measure the strength of clients' construing systems as a way to understand therapeutic change in an existential-phenomenological intervention.

XXIInd International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology (ICPCP) 2017 Research Award


Researchers Lauren Sayers and Greta Cecutti, at EASE Wellbeing, spoke at the ICPCP Congress in Montreal, Canada, in panel with Professor David Winter. We again presented our most resent work around measuring therapeutic change and we are delighted to have been recognised and chosen to receive the ICPCP research award. We thank our students, our trainees and our clinicians for this achievement. View the presentation

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