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Francesca Guardone - Trainee Clinician

Francesca Guardone

Francesca is a trainee clinician at EASE Wellbeing and is currently working towards her qualification in Psychotherapy at the School of Psychotherapy and Clinical Phenomenology (Florence). She is a chartered psychologist (National Register of Italy) graduated from the University of Padua in Clinical Psychodynamic Psychology (MSc), and in Psychological Science (BSc).

She trained for one year at the Mental Health Service of Padua (Cittadella NHS Hospital), attending individual psychological consults, group therapy activities and the Prevention service for Postnatal Depression.

She also trained at Equality Social (Padua), specialising in human development and social integration for sex workers, trafficking victims, and underage in vulnerable conditions, and at the House & Work daily Centre (Padua), supervising projects for independent living, as well as integration and inclusion activities for people with intellectual disabilities.

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