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At EASE Wellbeing we strive to stay connected with cutting edge research and with the ongoing improvements emerging from health care services nationally and locally. We do so by following updates from the most relevant research journals but also by attending health care conferences that provide us with the most up to date challenges and innovations emerging from the clinical world. We use the information attained in these conferences to influence our clinical work and how we implement and manage our service.

Latest Conference Reports

Working with Anger and Aggression

Working with Anger and Aggression

Body and Trauma

Body and Trauma

Working with Self-Harm and Suicide

Working with Self-Harm and Suicide

Contracting Around Suicide

Dual diagnosis conference

Working with Dual Diagnosis.

Preventing Suicide in Young People and Children

Saving young lives: Preventing Suicide in Young People & Children. Implementing the National Inquiry recommendations.

Caldicott Guardians

The role of the Caldicott Guardians

Physical and Mental Health care

Improving Physical Health for People with Mental Health Conditions

Informed Consent

Obtaining informed Consent Effectively

Mental capacity Act

Understanding the Mental Capacity act

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Safeguarding vulnerable adults

Achieving Excellence in Recovery Orientated Services

Mark Rayner and Lauren Sayers have been guest speakers for two years consecutively at the Healthcare Conference in London titled 'Achieving Excellence in Recovery Oriented Services'.


For transparency we maintain and publish a Handbook which constitutes a reference for our therapists and for all EASE staff

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