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Lauren Sayers - Lead Researcher

Lauren Sayers

Lauren Sayers is the Lead Researcher and a Trainee Clinician at EASE Wellbeing. She has co-produced research that has been published in the Hermeneutic Circular and the journal for the Society for Existential Analysis. She has also contributed towards writing EASE Wellbeing's handbook and policies. Lauren volunteered for Childline as a counsellor for nearly two years years and is currently completing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Prior to this, she has completed a Counselling Skills course at Regent's University in 2016 and graduated from the University of Reading with a first class honours degree in Psychology. During her degree she volunteered for the National Autistic Society, working with a young adult with Autism on a one to one basis. She additionally partook in a two month research programme at the University of Reading in the Centre of Neuroscience and Neurodynamics. During this time she measured the chemical concentrations in the brain which were hypothesised to be different in those with Autism.

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