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Psychological Therapy Services

Welcome to EASE support, psychotherapy, counselling and associated services.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide timely, cost-effective, personalised and recovery-focused treatments to patients within local GP practices. The focus of EASE treatments is to understand the essential qualities of experiences as narrated by clients in terms of their relationship to themselves, to others and to their worlds. This shifts the focus of words like “depression” and “anxiety” as an illness towards an understanding of experience.

How we work

Figures suggest that 1 in 5 people will suffer from some form of mental health difficulty at some point in their lives. By working in partnership with GPs and delivering interventions within their local practices and associated services at the EASE centre our healthcare professionals are able to assess and refer individuals for the most appropriate intervention to suit their needs.

Our in-house therapists are qualified in a number of approaches. All sessions are monitored to allow GPs to be up-dated with progress and outcome measures which are quantitative as well as qualitative and individuals are also encouraged to report and monitor their own progress.

Our services treat a range of difficulties that individuals experience and describe as anxiety, depression, phobias, bereavement, addiction, relationship difficulties, anger and stress management.

Read about the process & benefits of our psychotherapy services for GPs within the NHS or for information contact us at ease@easewellbeing.co.uk.

Interview at regents

Martin Adams interview with Mark Rayner on the current projects of Ease Wellbeing in the field of short existential psychotherapy.

Balancing Staff Safety And Our Service To You

Dear all - there have been several Existential moments in time that we have not only survived but faced and embraced. We must muster our peaceful but robust sense of resolve resilience and reason amidst this sea of uncertainty.

I am deeply grateful each day for what we have and what may be. Today we must have all felt this sense of existence being under siege from an unknown entity.

I repeat what I know is that I do not know + of this I am sure. This can neither console nor heal you or dear ones but fear and worry will neither change this situation and will in itself make you ill.

We are caught in a very delicate position. Immunity thrives by social contact. Illness thrives on isolation.

One hundred years ago the Spanish flu ravaged us and simultaneously Freud proposed the idea of mass accessing psychological healthcare.

One hundred years on, we have the technology to use this crisis as an opportunity.

We will be developing our work on a digital platform to be decided in the next few days.

I believe clients will appreciate this level of concern not fear and will greatly appreciate that you are still willing and committed to 'see' (speak) to them. I also suspect that down the line when this has peaked, we will have an influx of people with health anxiety. We can and will adapt.

I also want to let anyone who works with us - do not be afraid to say to me at any time that you are struggling with worry or this bug or the pressure of clients' concerns. Our primary concern is to manage our worries and our health as a team.

We will be implementing a sensible sensitive and robust and positive strategy utilising a secure virtual face-to-face platform for clinical contact.

Our supervisors will maintain compliant supervision over the platform we decide upon and in the meantime via phone or Skype.

I am available whenever anyone wants to talk about anything and I will be in touch with any training institutions needed.

The moment of advice now is that we contact clients by telephone and/or text and/or email and offer sessions that way.

The EASE Team office is closed but we are holding regular team meetings via safe face-to-face portals and I am available for consultation at any time.

In the meantime, let's see if we can make this an opportunity to rediscover life with a degree of calmness that seems to have been lost in this age of speed, greed and need.

The overriding message is stay in touch and stay connected and engage with clients and each other. This is key to sustain our well-being.

The situation is subject to ongoing and consistent updates and adaptations.

Mark Rayner – CEO
Mobile : +44 (0)7976 359580