Effective and Easily Accessible Psychological Therapy

As we move into a new era of psychological therapy service: provision, EASE Wellbeing CIC continues to deliver its short-term recovery-oriented approach that has been highly cost-effective and accessible and promoted reliable, replicable and enduring benefits for the majority of those engaging in the intervention. The short-term approach maintains its rigorous assessment of difficulties and risk free of charge and client directed goals identify inspiration, aspiration and motivation to address personal concerns. Further to assessment, sessions are available throughout the week including out of hours and weekends at an affordable rate where no-one is excluded. EASE has always prided itself on being at the cutting edge of service delivery with use of digital tools and scales and continues to deliver online or face to face treatment using secure contemporary technology.

This approach stands out for clients particularly at this time when many are re-evaluating their lives and circumstances as it is driven not by diagnosis disability or deficit but by distress, despair or desire. Further to our short-term intervention, we have recognised the rapidly moving conditions many are facing and offer extended periods of treatment to support people to make the most use out of therapy over a longer period of time at a similarly affordable rate.

Many sectors have and continue to be affected by current conditions, whether through changes in working situations, lack of work opportunities, strain of work or family and relational restrictions or strains as well as many mild-moderate difficulties associated directly or indirectly by the events of this year, especially isolation and the related anxieties and depression that may be the consequences that impact upon a person’s ability to engage in life or the current conditions that impact upon issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, finance etc. For information and free consultation, we have created a simple method of self-referral clearly identified on this page and also on the homepage. All referral e-mails will be contacted immediately and a free initial consultation will be arranged within two weeks. We believe it is of utmost importance to be accessible and responsive to concerns as they emerge and at the point a person asks for help. You can count on us that help is on the way and rely on EASE to deliver.

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