PPSD (Post Pandemic Stress Disorder)

Are you experiencing any of these difficulties, concerns or symptoms? : Lethargy, sleepers sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, panic, poor concentration, irritability, hopelessness, distress, erratic moods? You may be experiencing Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder (PPSD). This is a wide ranging and common response to the last two years and one or any number of the above symptoms may [...]

The Rosetta Stone of EASE (Engaging Activity Supporting Existence)

The Rosetta Stone of the EASE endeavour is to build or discover or recreate personal resilience. How is this done?Through the modern medium of psychological therapy. However, it could be argued resilience is an innate characteristic of human being. But how far do we want to pursue this line of perspective? To Darwinian evolutionary theory? [...]

Effective and Easily Accessible Psychological Therapy

As we move into a new era of psychological therapy service: provision, EASE Wellbeing CIC continues to deliver its short-term recovery-oriented approach that has been highly cost-effective and accessible and promoted reliable, replicable and enduring benefits for the majority of those engaging in the intervention. The short-term approach maintains its rigorous assessment of difficulties and [...]

#Brexit #Existential #Blog

#Brexit #Existential #Blog I write as a common garden psychological therapist – I have learned to own my failures and successes but I find we are at a position in our society – #healthcare, #socio-economic, political organising #systems that have regressed to a black and white 20th century view of life. Perhaps there is a [...]

A new era of contemporary psychological therapy

A new era of contemporary psychological therapy A new era of contemporary psychological therapy, delivering robust practice-based research and an integrative intervention in the public sector using digital platforms, on-going monitoring and measurement and a focus on service-user experience, understanding, empowerment and recovery. As we enter a new year and, hopefully, a new era, are [...]

We know it’s not the #psychotherapy model or #therapeutic techniques that matter – it’s the #human #being

We know it’s not the #psychotherapy model or #therapeutic techniques that matter – it’s the #human #being For a number of years, debates have been rampantly widespread about the way we do therapy, what it is about therapy that works. Since Rosenzweig in 1936 first raised this issue, psychoanalysts debated through clinical case studies what [...]

Integrating physical and mental healthcare

Integrating physical and mental healthcare EASE (Engaging Activity Supporting Existence) is a Community Interest Company set up to provide an integration of physical and mental healthcare services. Specifically, EASE clinicians work alongside and collaboratively with medics who treat people with a range of physical healthcare needs that have psychological components or ramifications. For example, there [...]


Recovery Mental health services should aim to achieve what medicine has achieved in many areas. Treatment that produces recovery! However, psychological or psychotherapeutic treatments are not the same as medical treatments. Medical treatment can reliably rest upon the identification of symptoms of or manifestations of illness, whether it be a virus, infection, lesion or other [...]