Alexandra Lupu

Psychotherapist in Training

Alexandra is a trainee psychotherapist and currently studying towards completion of an MSc in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy. She has had experience of various psychotherapy approaches (psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, attachment-based, person-centred, focusing, needs-based approach, dance therapy).

Alexandra also has a keen interest and a background in Nonviolent Communication. She completed various related trainings and went on to assist certified trainers in their weekend workshops and retreats on topics such as anger and guilt, dreams, relationships. She also facilitated a Nonviolent Communication and empathy practice group in London for several years, and was one of the main organisers of various events in this field.

Currently, Alexandra also works with Friday Pulse, an organisational tool that aims to measure and improve happiness in the work place across various industries.

Originally from Eastern Europe, Alexandra is interested in working with culture and diversity, bereavement, anxiety, depression, attachment and bereavement, some of which she has had personal experiences of.