Charlie Gladwell

Psychotherapist in Training

Charlie Gladwell is a trainee psychotherapist providing one-to-one therapy here at EASE Wellbeing. He has worked across the NHS and private institutions like the Priory, while working daily as a children and adolescent mental health practitioner. He works daily with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, OCD, bereavement, difficult life challenges, and lack of purpose and direction.

Charlie’s current training in existential psychotherapy permits cognitive, behavioral, and focusing interventions when desired, but fundamentally offers the opportunity to explore issues as they relate to you, with a belief that you are your own best expert. This existential approach offers the benefit of addressing your experiences in such a way that you develop a working partnership with them; leading to an increase in self-understanding and extending your ability to make apt choices and decisions. To take seriously the creativity and power you already have in an honest and compassionate space.