Lottie Spivack

Honorary Counsellor

Lottie is a trainee psychotherapist at EASE Welling. Having completed her Foundation Certificate in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling at NSPC, Lottie is currently studying a doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy at the New School. She has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Sociology from the University of Nottingham. Looking at the world through both a Sociological and Psychological lens, Lottie completed a qualitative research project on the way 21st Century film could impact women’s position in the workplace.

Lottie volunteered at a mental health charity, working alongside practitioners as well as focusing on a campaign aimed at accepting mental health issues and reducing stigma amongst young people. Whilst working in the property sector, Lottie simultaneously prepared monthly training sessions to the employees of the company on mindfulness, resilience, self-love and how to live a more fulfilling life. These are aspects central to Lottie’s identity, which were echoed throughout her experiences within the commercial world.