Natalie Scheiner

Psychotherapist in Training

I’m Natalie and I’ve been fascinated by what makes people do what they do, the psychology of parenting and psychotherapy for over twenty years. Over that time whilst completing my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees I augment my studies with many specialist areas of learning such as childhood trauma, sibling rivalry and adult relationships.

I’m currently completing my doctorate in psychotherapy and counselling and meet with many clients weekly. During our sessions we work through issues together focusing on solutions around their choices. My clients bring their concerns and troubles to our meetings and I bring my life experience of family, community work and learning along with a passion to finish each session a little closer to healing.

I’m fortunate to have as tutors and supervisors some of the most gifted intellectual and practical minds in psychotherapy today and their oversight and advice means that my clients benefit from a high degree of professional experience and excellence.
My doctoral thesis is on the subject of the effects of weekly digital detox on family dynamics.